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The above extract is taken from Horsemen’s accompanying interview to their Poolside Records mix December 2018:


Morrison Bramervaer

“I was always influenced and moved by radio at a young age. I saw both my grandparents dance and walsch around on the lovely jazzy records from Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Dixie styles but also Bach, Vivaldi and many more. My Grandfather played the trumpet and in the house of my father’s side of the family there was a piano, you could find me fooling around pretending to understand and play what I saw in the Aristocats movie or I was being silly with whatever kids that age do.

My mom encouraged me to seek an instrument to make my own, which was the first big parental mistake because, yes I chose the drums (Meanwhile my Dad: I am happy he ain’t living with me while he smirks). It did not take long before I got in a band and well yeah you move on. So you become older and find this thing called a laptop and then some smart friend gives you this cracked version of Reason 5 and well no turning back now. 12 years later I do what I do and it makes me very happy.”


Christoph Mühl

“I always had a big love for music, I inherited this from my father. When I finished school I was certain that I would work in the music industry. Having several friends doing parties I got introduced to the finer house sounds in Berlin. I was lucky to have been around during the time of Bar 25. Because of this scene I got into DJing and quickly released my first vinyl in the following years.

Some time passed and afterwards I studied Audio Engineering. Which meant that my music making got a bit slowed down but after a while, I picked things up again and did a great remix for Emiel van Den Dungen on Plötzlich Musik end 2017.

Shortly after I started to work with Morrison which sparked a new creativity. This created the team that formed Horsemen. Together we do mixing, mastering and help several other labels build up. We do this under the flag of Secret Ensemble and Two Five Six.”

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