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Feature 'Roots with GROUND16'

Ground16 is an artist from the small town of Vevey, Switzerland on the north shore of Lake Geneva.

He has a string of releases on labels such as Juicy Traxxx, Gestalt Records and Neo Violence, in addition to playing venues and radio such as Paloma Bar, HÖR Berlin and Folklor.

His latest release is entitled ‘Rave Invaders Vol. 1.’ Featuring a remix from Nachtbraker, support has come from the likes of Les Yeux Oranges, Analog Advisory and EELF.

Here is the Roots chart from GROUND16.

Press shot of DJ GROUND16
Underground Resistance – Jupiter Jazz 
I’ll start with a classic. Jupiter Jazz got out in 1992, four years before I was born. I discovered it maybe six years ago. This 303 acid ‘liquid’ line is so catchy. Underground Resistance is a big influence – they’re just the bosses, Mad Mike and all the crew. I also appreciate the political side of the UR collective. Music can (or should?) also be a way to fight for your social class. I could have picked ‘Riot’ as well, which I recently played in a podcast. Big record. The UR label obviously has a lot of gems and classics. Drexciya’s Bubble Metropolis or Davina’s Don’t You Want it, to name a few.
Kerri Chandler – It’s You 
When I got into deep house, Kerri Chandler was one of the first I heard. I picked ‘It’s You’ here, but could have picked ‘What is 6:23’, ‘Atmospheric Beats’, ‘See Line Woman’ or his Roy Ayers’ ‘Good Vibrations’ mix. He has so many great records. Everytime you hear a track made by Kerri, you can almost directly tell it’s him. This DX7 bass sound is really linked to him, at least in my mind. New York’s King Street Sounds is one the best labels out there, a lot to dig through.
Chez Damier & Ron Trent – Morning Factory
I saw Chez Damier live in London in April 2014. I just turned 18 at that time and it was one of my first big house parties – definitely influenced me a lot. I went back to London a few times later on. This city is prob my fav city – the club culture is so crazy. I also lived in Bristol for some months three years ago and the music scene is dope too. Great intimate parties. Anyway, Chez Damier is kinda in the middle of the Chicago-Detroit Axis, since he was born in Chicago and then moved to Detroit. No need to say those two cities shaped electronic music, and thus my music too. I love those right pan shakers in ‘Morning Factory’ – it’s a mesmeric track. Ron Trent also has an outstanding discography. They really make a great duo together. ‘Foot Therapy’ is another nice example of their fruitful collaboration.
Chaos in The CBD – Invisible Spectrum
I’d like to pick a more recent example of my musical roots. The two brothers, Chaos in The CBD, have a golden discography. ‘Invisible Spectrum’ was released in 2016. It doesn’t get deeper than this. The duo often works with the saxophonist Nathan Haines. The result is just beautiful – everytime. I discovered them through Bradley Zero’s label, Rhythm Section, in 2014. Since then, I got everything they released. Chaos in The CBD put out a brilliant EP on Neroli last year too. There’s a track called ‘It’s Up To Me’, with Joe-Armon Jones on the keyboards. Amazing stuff. It makes me think of Ezra Collective, a UK ‘newschool’ jazz band where Jones is the keyboardist. I had the chance to see them live at Cully Jazz in 2019. I’m always impressed by Jones’ skills.
Privacy – Apex Predator
My last pick is Privacy’s ‘Apex Predator’. A lot darker than the other tracks: electro beat with some break samples coming up at half of the track. I first heard it in a club called RKC in my hometown, Vevey. Useless to say it blew my mind. It was released on Lobster Theremin in 2016. This famous UK label also contributed to shape my music tastes. Moreover, Privacy comes from Berlin, and Berlin definitely played a big role in my music too. I went to Berlin eight or nine times, and went to so many mad parties there, for instance in OHM, Hoppetosse or about blank. Great city to be creative.
March 4, 2021
Press shot of DJ GROUND16

Feature ‘Roots with GROUND16’

Feature ‘Roots with GROUND16’ Ground16 is an artist from the small town of Vevey, Switzerland on the north shore of Lake Geneva. He has a string of releases on labels such as Juicy Traxxx, Gestalt Records and Neo Violence, in addition to playing venues and radio such as Paloma Bar, […]
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