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Premiere 'Equus - Nosebleed'

ANY BPM Vol.1 is a various artists compilation curated by Bristol collective and label excess, with all proceeds to be donated in support of the Music Venue Trust’s #saveourvenues campaign – a charity providing aid to the UK’s most vulnerable live music venues. Over 15 tracks, the project showcases a diverse range of underground dance music, featuring artists both established and unsigned from Bristol and beyond. 

Up and coming garage DJ & Producer Longeez kicks off ANY BPM on “All Da Clubs”, a fitting ode to nightlife in the UK, as the familiar sounds of a nightclub entrance build into a thumping old school garage beat propelled by a stabby piano groove and sub heavy kick. Daffy keeps the garage vibe running with the infectious “Sun Kissed”, layering slick bass riffs with vibrant strings fit to match any mid-summer day party. Larus takes over for track 3 with his debut “No Game”, a steppy, melancholic outing featuring rolling drum patterns entwined with lush keys and a soulful vocal sample. Making a departure from his usual breakbeat heavy sound, PanicMan brings a tight 4×4 workout on “Let’s ‘Ave It Right”, with rattling percussion filling out the high end, while a boisterous vocal proclaims ‘we already run the streets out here’. RAPH’s “That’s Some Pressure” delivers a dose of classic electro to the record, laying down mechanised staccato drums topped with a pulsing sequenced bass. 

Fresh from a run of EPs on Slippery Sounds, Brighton producer Equus ups the intensity with acid-techno tearout “Nosebleed”, giving centre stage to a mesmerising synth hook that reverberates throughout the whole track. Track 7 brings the warped productions of An Avrin to the album on oddball banger “WHAT U GOT?” as gurgling, screaming synths dance over choppy amens and heavy 808’s. 

Grace switches up the energy at the halfway point with “Baby”, a gloomy, emotional 140 anthem in keeping with the Bristol based producer’s signature sound. Sydney’s Mincy continues the 140 shakedown with the deep, spacious “Hektoplasm” folding lush, wide pads over beating percussion and a hazy vocal. Fellow Australian Ape Suit follows up with the dreamy “Ok, Yeah” with bright, melodic bells set against a selection of powered-up bass sounds. 

The BPM shifts upwards on DROMEK’s “Meddley” – a frantic footwork jam, littered with intricate percs playing off a pitched sample that flits between half and double time grooves. The energy doesn’t falter as Goldefish blends breaks wizardry, Indian acid and rumbling detuned basslines for “Sad Horse Raga”, an expertly crafted slice of modern jungle pressure, absolutely crying out for a system to be played on.

Moving into darker territory at the end of the album, Borai’s breakbeat slugger “Caterpillar” provides murky atmosphere, brooding pads and throbbing bass while Brighton’s ETCH flexes his break chopping abilities as he unleashes a barrage of drums and sub hits with stripped back jungle cut “The Tone of Regret” – these tracks showcase the skills of two of the most exciting producers in the UK underground right now. TROPHY rounds out the record, with the Leeds producer and TRAX HAVEN alumnus delivering possibly the switch-up of the year (just wait) on “We Got” – a swaggering halftime rhythm that shows off low-slung, punchy drums and a well-executed wobbling bassline.

ANY BPM Vol.1 releases via excess on April 9th 2021, buy via Bandcamp.

album artwork
April 8, 2021
album artwork

Premiere ‘Equus – Nosebleed’

Premiere ‘Equus – Nosebleed’ ANY BPM Vol.1 is a various artists compilation curated by Bristol collective and label excess, with all proceeds to be donated in support of the Music Venue Trust’s #saveourvenues campaign – a charity providing aid to the UK’s most vulnerable live music venues. Over 15 tracks, […]
April 7, 2021
d topian realise album artwork

Premiere ‘D. Topian – Realise’

Premiere ‘D. Topian – Realise’ Altered State Is an 8 track collaborative VA which reflects on a year that has changed all of our lives in many ways. After months of lockdown away from nightclubs we began to sense that dance music lacked context and became more nostalgic. As producers […]
March 30, 2021
Album artwork of old boy mantis

Premiere ‘Old Boy – Mantis’

Premiere ‘Old Boy – Mantis [Gimme A Break Records]’ Gimme A Break Records presents Oldboy’s ‘The Box EP’, featuring three expertly crafted UK Garage productions. Following his debut release, ‘The Guv’nor EP’, on Noire State, Oldboy continues to deliver future dancefloor classics founded upon crispy two-step rhythms and squelching basslines. […]
February 26, 2021
Album artwork

Premiere ‘Sempra – On Me’

Premiere ‘Sempra – On Me’ Introducing LBM VA002, LBM’s second compilation featuring 10 tracks from an international cast of up and coming producers. Some new faces, some returning and a plethora of dancefloor sounds. Drawing inspiration from dreamy electronica, liberating psy-trance and acid house, this album explores the vast spectrum […]
January 28, 2021

Premiere ‘MC Lethal – Rave Digger (Sempra rebuild)’

Premiere ‘MC Lethal – Rave Digger (Sempra rebuild)’ Sempra’s latest EP ´Breakbeats & Heartache´ with London label La bonne musique features ´Rave Digger’. This dance-floor ready, nostalgic breakbeat track is heavily influenced by jungle, garage and hardcore, accompanied by his signature use of R&B vocals. @lbmldn@xsemprax Buy via Bandcamp  
January 27, 2021

Premiere ‘Equus – In Between The Eyes (LUXE’s Big Gurl Remix)’

Premiere ‘Equus – In Between The Eyes (LUXE’s Big Gurl Remix)’ After the fantastic reception of Equus’ ‘REHD’ EP, seven artists have each selected a track from the release, resulting in five different but wholly dance floor ready remixes. LUXE cements her ‘one-to-watch’ status with her undeniably party starting ‘Big […]
December 17, 2020

Premiere ‘Polo Lilli – Trust’

Premiere ‘Polo Lilli – Trust’ POLO LILLI is a producer and DJ from Bristol, UK. Since entering the scene in 2019 with a stream of content treading the line between pop, high speed breaks and experimentalism, LILLI has gained notoriety within the UK’s burgeoning footwork/jungle/160 crowd, particularly for his series […]
December 4, 2020

Premiere ‘CNCPT13 – Power Supplies’

Premiere ‘CNCPT13 – Power Supplies’ CNCPT13 ‘s drops his debut EP ‘Power Supplies,’ on La bonne musique. Bristol based DJ and producer, as well as the co-founder of warehouse party INDECENCY. He is a resident for AAJA radio and DIY techno events brand Strictly Yes. He’s played alongside the likes […]
December 3, 2020

Premiere ‘Brain Rays & Quiet – Ataru Flip’

Premiere ‘Brain Rays & Quiet – Ataru Flip’ Brain Rays & Quiet released their debut album ‘BUTTER’ via Seagrave Records on 30th April 2020. Eight hyper speed and high pressure tracks supported by the likes of ZULI and Om Unit. Animators and game designers, Chris Mayoh and Drew Turner from […]