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Feature 'Roots with Adam BFD'

Originally from Normandy now residing in Paris, Adam Boufeldja has made a unique impression since he first appeared on the scene. Formally known as just Adam, he broke onto the lo-fi scene with his self titled YouTube channel, uploading tracks by the likes of DJ Poolboi, Harrison BDP and Slim Hustla.

Adam BFD’s production style is emotive first and foremost. Focusing on the melodic influences from the sounds of London, Paris, Mexico City and beyond. His eclectic tastes are well represented in his tracks with carefully selected samples and rhythms to create a unique sound and spirit between breaks, house and electro.

The past 12 months have seen Adam self-release four EPs, with a refined and mature sound that is establishing him as one of the next wave of European producers to watch. Breakbeats, luscious pads and a thick electro basslines, you’d be forgiven to mistake an Adam track as the latest unreleased Bicep dub doing the rounds in IOM.

 We caught up with Adam BFD to give us the low down on his roots.

1. DJ Mehdi – Signatune

I’ve been really influenced by the whole era of Ed Banger Records. Definitely when I started to appreciate electronic music is when I started to listen to some artists from this legendary french label. DJ Mehdi, SebastiAn or even Cassius. RIP Mehdi, RIP Zdar.

2. King Krule – Out Getting Ribs

I just remember travelling to London in 2013 having King Krule’s debut album in my earphones all day long. Walking down the streets around Hounslow for some reason, feeling really inspired by this album matching the aesthetic, the architecture I could witness all around me at that moment. A whole mood.

3. Dream Koala – Ocean

Always been a fan of dreamy, melancholic kind of music. There was a time I used to go on that Majestic Casual YouTube channel, finding beautiful tracks from artists such as XXYYXX, Stwo…
I could speak about “About You” by XXYYXX that literally everyone knows about but I wanted to share this one from Dream Koala. A french artist I used to listen everyday. I even saw him playing live in 2013 at a festival
called Nordik Impakt in Caen, Normandy.

4. CoastDream – Soft Moon

Released in 2017, I remember listening to this track on a daily basis when I was in Mexico City where I spent two months of my life. Definitely life-changing experience because it’s when I came back in France that
I decided to get involved in the lo-fi house world. Two months after, I started my YouTube Channel “Adam” where  I was able to post tracks from great artists like DJ Poolboi and even other tracks from CoastDream.

5. DJ Seinfeld – U

A bit cliché this one but DJ Seinfeld is really one of the artists, and still one of my favourite actually,
that made me want to make music, also made me want to evolve music-wise.

I could have picked another track but U is one that represents a whole era to me, not really far from now,
the lo-fi house era where it all started for me. I’ve started to produce some lo-fi house tracks not knowing it’d end up being played by thousands and thousands of people, making me want to produce and focus more on this path.

November 22, 2020

Feature ‘Roots with Adam BFD’

Feature ‘Roots with Adam BFD’ Originally from Normandy now residing in Paris, Adam Boufeldja has made a unique impression since he first appeared on the scene. Formally known as just Adam, he broke onto the lo-fi scene with his self titled YouTube channel, uploading tracks by the likes of DJ Poolboi, […]
November 22, 2020

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October 27, 2020

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