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Welcome to our online shop. Here you’ll find a selection of new and second hand records carefully curated by Kayne the Hermit and Hywel Gregory. We’re a firm believer in openness and transparency of how we do things, so here is a typical* breakdown of where your money goes when you support us by making a purchase:

2.9% Paypal transaction fee
4.1% Charity donation – see the about section for more details.
60% Wholesale record cost
33 % Mark up – this goes to business costs (eg web hosting, accounting fees) and a small margin of profit for us to reinvest and buy beer!

See our categories below, or browse all.

*price breakdown above is for illustrative purposes and may vary as follows:

Mark up 30-50%
Wholesale % is relative to item mark up
Paypal transaction fee & charity donation will always be fixed

It is not possible to give an accurate breakdown of our second hand item’s mark up % as the resale value may change overtime. By making a purchase you agree to our terms & conditions and refunds & returns policies.

Happy digging!

Kayne & Hywel